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About Us

David Taylor


I have been in practice in the Portland, Oregon area since 1986.  My mission is to help people, businesses and organizations reach balance and equanimity in regard to their finances.

I practice primarily in the income tax arena, specializing in both compliance and planning. My focus also includes financial statement preparation, strategic tax and business planning, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning. I have a particular interest in energy and environmental tax policy, including federal and state tax credits.

I have a strong background working in the food manufacturing, environmental engineering, and restaurant industries, and working with professionals and service providers of many different types, including surgeons, artists, writers, and photographers.

My volunteer experience includes terms on four different boards of directors, with the most significant being my previous involvement on the board of REACH Community Development Corporation, including three years as treasurer, and on the board of Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center. I have also volunteered on the Supervisory Committee of Point West Credit Union.

I have previously worked in financial administration for two privately held companies, and as a case manager in the child welfare and aging services systems for the State of Oregon.

To get a break from numbers, I enjoy frequent vacations in Central Oregon and Hawaii, I am an avid hiker, walker, and golfer, and a big fan of the University of Oregon Ducks. I love to read articles on astronomy and cosmology and enjoy sharing food and a fine bottle of wine with Jan, my significant other, and friends.

Rhiannon Corder


I enjoy meeting new people and it is important to me that I make a difference in their lives, both personally and professionally. As a CPA and strategic thinker, I have the opportunity to help professionals and business owners save money and make the most of their financial resources. I build long-term relationships with my clients and work hard to make a lasting contribution to their financial success. I hold myself and my team to a high standard of expertise because I realize even a tiny oversight has an impact.

In addition to my formal education, I have encountered many of the financial situations my clients will face throughout their lives, including watching investments rise and fall, home purchase and sale, owning rental property and orchestrating a significant career change. These experiences taught me invaluable lessons about financial management and make me an important resource to clients who face similar circumstances in their lives.

I advise business owners not only about taxes, investments and corporate structure; I also show them ways to manage their business resources more strategically. My work provides an inside view of their business operations and financial decisions, allowing me to pinpoint key areas that tie up their money unnecessarily and suggest potential changes which can positively influence financial outcomes.

On the personal side, I have a passion for adventure! I enjoy sailing both locally in the Pacific and far away in warm water. I am currently studying for my private pilot’s license, take guitar lessons and enjoy quality time with friends.





Our Team

Barbara Seiter 503-297-6303

Certified Public Accountant

My first objective is always to put my clients at ease. I love people and find them infinitely interesting, so this is also an enjoyable part of my work. The better I understand each client’s situation, the easier it is to envision ways I can help them achieve their financial goals. It’s actually the small things that can make a big difference between profit and loss or retiring comfortably versus working indefinitely. I work hard to assure my clients they can ask me absolutely anything, from how to balance a checkbook to forecasting revenue. There aren’t any silly questions in my book. If a client has a question about their finances or taxes, I want them to have answers that make sense to them. And if I’m stumped by a situation that’s new to me or I think the laws might have changed, I’ll quickly track down the information they need.

I have to admit, I DO like numbers! In fact, as I kid I was always pretending to be a mathematician. Numbers follow rules, they are straightforward and concrete, very black and white. I like the orderliness of numbers and I enjoy bringing that consistency and structure to my clients in ways that make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. We all have different strengths and I’m grateful to use mine serving my clients. Over the 20 years I’ve been a CPA, I’ve enjoyed helping the same clients year after year. That’s always my goal: make it so easy, safe, and affordable to manage their finances they never want to go anywhere else.

I find that most clients are secretly relieved to hand things off to us. And it’s what we’re good at, so it’s totally our pleasure. I think it’s essential to explain tax law in everyday language so clients can make educated decisions. It’s important to explore their operations and processes to uncover ways to trim expenses and leverage profit. These are things most people wouldn’t know about or think of. I’m here to smooth out any bumps and guide clients through any troubled waters to the other shore.

When I’m not playing around with numbers, I love to be outdoors and hike. I especially adore treks that include walking through villages where I can meet local people. Most recently I hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

John Rhoads 503-297-6303

Office Administrator

We are excited to have John on our team. More to come about John soon!